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Automating the Wide Area Network - Why you Need an SD-WAN

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The UK's First Software Defined Access Network

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It's time to make connectivity smarter

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Case Studies

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Automating the Wide Area Network - Why you Need an SD-WAN

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10 Years of Innovation – 10x ADSL Milestone Reached

What’s better than a high speed circuit delivering your internet connection? The answer is multiple high speed circuits – especially if it’s a Multipath Ethernet connection through our Multi-VNO access network.

But where would you stop? Two lines? Three? Five?

Well how about 10?

For years now, we have deployed 8 line and occasionally 9 line Multipath Ethernet connections over ADSL and FTTC in the UK. But we never had a 10-line solution. Until now.

This week we went live with our first ever 10 circuit Multipath Ethernet over ADSL connection – fitting as we celebrate 10 years of technology development.

Installed in Scotland and delivering in excess of 120mbps download and 15mbps upload, this single, logical, aggregated connection is delivering resilience and scale for a business that needs high bandwidth and serious uptime guarantees.

This is testament to our entire team. From the home-grown network engineers and software developers who pioneered the software in the UK, to the service delivery co-ordinators and project managers who arranged this complex install, we have all shown we can deliver exceptional Software enhanced connectivity solutions where no one else can.

As we mark 10 years of UK technology success, our vision is fixed on continuing to innovate.

No other UK technology company has the pedigree or focus to deliver the new and exciting connectivity developments that businesses need as we head to 2020 and beyond.

We’ve the breached 100mbps and 1Gbps thresholds. We’ve delivered both Layer 2 and Layer 3 connectivity with SD-WAN. We have aggregated every fixed line technology available, including FTTP and Leased Lines. Now we have smashed the 10-line barrier.

What’s next? We’ll let you know when we’ve cracked it.

SD-WAN Awareness Increasing in 2018

We’re seeing a turning point in the industry as we come to the end of the third quarter.

While Multipath Ethernet connections continue to be popular for businesses with a single site wanting resilient, high bandwidth internet access, we are seeing a clear trend in the desire to implement SD-WAN for multisite organisations.

Businesses have chosen MPLS networks for their WANs for a long time now.  But while the connectivity landscape in the UK has grown and expanded with new and higher bandwidth broadband circuits, and software engineering has taken huge strides in automating complex network orchestration, MPLS has stagnated.

We are now seeing demand increase month on month to replace aging MPLS WANs with SD-WAN.

As companies reach the end of their fixed term contracts (often 3 to 5 years), those responsible for IT are taking a second look at Software Defined Networking, and how it applies to the WAN.

3 years ago, SD-WAN was considered by many in the marketplace to be just about hype, even though Evolving Networks installed its first SD-WAN way back in 2013.

Now, as more and more installations take place, and the technology develops further, there has never been a better time to consider replacing static, single-line, inflexible MPLS with a resilient, multi-line Software-Defined WAN.

And it’s not just the larger corporates with 50+ sites who are seeing the advantages of switching to SD-WAN.  There is a large segment of the market operating on cumbersome and unreliable legacy VPNs.

Another growth area in the last quarter has been those businesses who haven’t ever taken the leap to MPLS but do have site-to-site connectivity through basic VPNs, either managed internally by their IT team or a local IT support company.

These VPNs tend to be flaky at best, and downright debilitating at worst.

SD-WAN is the successor technology to both these networking products – MPLS and VPN – and the benefits are clear.  Why have the hassle of managing your own VPN, when the very technology underpinning Multipath Ethernet connectivity is the tunnelling your VPN needs?

By integrating SD-WAN alongside local internet breakout, or even extending further with hybrid configurations including multiple discrete networks operating as Layer 2, Layer 3, or Guest Wi-Fi, businesses of any size can benefit from the Evolving Networks approach.

So if you are considering MPLS in place of your VPN – don’t!  Talk to us first and we’ll take that stress away.

And if your MPLS is coming up for renewal, then don’t just replace it with another MPLS WAN with poor reliability and no cloud access – take the leap to a fully managed SD-WAN as a Service from Evolving Networks.

eView Live Update

Our in-house UK software developers and network engineers are always working on things that make connectivity better, improve how we interact with others, and make us more efficient and scalable.

On any given day they could be working on integrating systems with suppliers, building new network event detection mechanisms, or adding new SD-WAN features to our products.

2018 has been a busy year already for us, with an expansion in the number of SD-WANs delivered, a move to larger premises and an increase in staffing across the business, particularly in dev.

What we’re announcing today is a new full update to eView Live our network analytics and orchestration platform.

Behind the scenes we have been adding functionality that allows us to more easily administer your connectivity, react to network events, and improve diagnostics.

But now it’s time for our customer facing portal to get a makeover.  The eViewLive portal is an essential tool in managing your connectivity – whether it’s checking traffic levels, link health, or looking at past usage.

What this new design gives us is not only an improved experience on both mobiles and large screens, but a platform for adding new features and functionality easily accessible through one login.

The new eView Live is faster, slicker, and needs fewer clicks to get to what you want.  Data loads near instantly and scales to your screen size.  Detailed live throughput can now be scrolled back 20 hours instead of 3 – invaluable for diagnosing LAN and WAN issues.

A new simplified menu structure gives us the scope to add additional options easily, so keep an eye out for further announcements as we add important updates.

We also rely on and welcome your feedback.

Don’t just assume that someone else might have spotted something that’s not quite right, or think that if something was useful someone else would have thought of it.

By having our own dedicated network software development resource, we have the power to make whatever changes we need, and who better to help us with that than the people using our products.

So if you like what you see, let us know, and if you don’t or have an idea for an improvement, please let us know as well.

Whether its for a connectivity feature request or a simple bug report for eView Live, email and it will go straight to our devs.

What other SD-WAN company gives that level of access to the guys building the product?

Everyone hates VPN! Ensure secure access for homeworkers with Evolving Networks

Everyone hates VPN! Ensure secure access for homeworkers with Evolving Networks.

Spider Eye are a long standing customer of Evolving Networks. As a typical computer animation business they deal in large files, so the ability to send and receive large volumes of data is vital to their business. Not everything about Spider Eye is typical though, you won’t find them in Clerkenwell or Islington, the business relocated lock, stock and barrel to the most westerly town in England, St Just in Cornwall some years ago.

Hence the long association with Evolving Networks, who have been providing high capacity, resilient internet connectivity to Spider Eye, allowing them to inhabit their professional space in the industry from the delights of the west country since 2011.

Through the relationship, Spider Eye have enjoyed free, seamless upgrades to their connectivity as more advanced technologies have become available, resulting in their current multipath ethernet service delivering aggregated capacity via multiple FTTC circuits, meaning that their connectivity actually outperforms that used by the majority of their London based rivals.

Evolving Networks are always looking to improve both the quality of their customers’ internet connections as well as our relationships with our customers. As such, a discussion about the wider networking requirements of Spider Eye uncovered the need for home worker VPN access to office based systems for key workers.

Evolving Networks have delivered high capacity internet connectivity to the home for key personnel, with an EVX on site delivering a layer 3 point to point connection to the head office, ensuring secure access to the systems required, without the need for a cumbersome VPN connection.

If your business needs home worker access, there is a low cost alternative to that VPN solution you have been putting off implementing – call Evolving Networks today to find out how SD-WAN from the UKs network virtualisation pioneer can save you time, increase productivity and mean the end to your VPN pain!

Internet connectivity in a rural location? Evolving Networks has got it covered

Head quartered in Sussex, Bleach of Lavant are an established, family operated, logistics and haulage business with a proud history.

When the need arose to upgrade a key piece of business software, they were hit with a familiar problem: the job management software they wanted to buy requires a high capacity, low contention, connection to the internet.

Head quartered as they are in a rural location, ADSL is low capacity, and a leased line prohibitively expensive.

Evolving Networks provided a solution to this critical business problem, supplying a multipath ethernet solution based on multiple ADSL circuits at head office, delivering capacity via our multiVNO private network that was uncontended, low latency and unlimited, thereby allowing Bleach of Lavant to make their software upgrade without the need for expensive leased lines.

However, the business benefits didn’t end there. In addition to their ADSL circuit for primary business use, Bleach also operate a second site in Arundel, and maintained a VPN between the two sites, with an additional ADSL at head office.

In order to deliver as much capacity as possible, the VPN ADSL service was absorbed into the multipath ethernet circuit delivered at this location, and Evolving Networks SD-WAN software delivered a layer 2 LAN extension to the Arundel site, removing the need for the cumbersome VPN entirely.

The result is a high capacity, resilient, low latency internet connection at head office, allowing access to key cloud based software, as well as a much improved site to site link that brings the Arundel workers onto the head office LAN and removes a significant IT management problem, by dispensing with the VPN entirely.

Nic Elliott, CTO of Evolving Networks comments, “we’ve spent 10 years developing both the network virtualisation software and high performance network to deliver on what people are now calling SD-WAN. We’ve been here for years and its important UK businesses understand that this technology is for everyone, we’re as happy rolling out a two site solution that helps an SME as we are linking together 100 sites for a large corporate. SD-WAN is not something that is only available to the big boys”.

If you want to find out how Network Virtualisation software and SD-WAN can benefit your business, whatever size it is, get in touch with Evolving Networks today and speak to one of our experts.

New Datacentres – New Cloud Connectivity Options

We are pleased to announce a new core network partnership that will see our network expand into two additional major UK datacentres.

After a year-long project to find an additional partner to augment our core routing infrastructure, we have signed an agreement with Luminet that will see us add EVXcores into two London Equinix DCs.

By expanding in this way, we gain greater flexibility to deploy SD-WANs across the country and gain access to the Luminet product portfolio of wireless services that can be integrated fully into all our connections.

Our strategy has always been to integrate as many forms of connectivity as possible into our Multipath Ethernet service.

With Luminet’s ability to quickly (even same day) deliver high bandwidth solutions to SMEs, as well as using a technology complimentary to fixed lines, our customers will gain from connectivity combinations that will get them up and running fast, and with amazing reliability.

Access to the Equinix datacentres also gives us the scope to easily add ExpressRoute connections to Microsoft Azure.

Gaining in popularity, Azure gives businesses the ability to create a complete cloud-based virtual infrastructure, replacing even the most complex hosting and networking environments.

If your business is moving services to the cloud, whether it’s with Azure, Amazon or Google, or with your own private hosting, talk to us now about using SD-WAN to connect to the cloud.

Breaching The 1Gbps Connectivity Threshold – Introducing the 10Gbps EVXcore

It doesn’t seem that long ago we broke through the 100Mbps barrier to deliver customers 100bps+ connectivity.

Actually, it happened about 5 years ago, driven by technological leaps in both software and hardware.  Clearly network ports and chipsets must cope with 1Gbps to breach the 100Mbps barrier, but highly scalable network virtualisation software and processing hardware are also vital.

Having developed hardware and software to exacting requirements, upscaling processing power at the EVX level was all that was required to achieve higher and higher bandwidths.

This is an even more exciting milestone, having built the core infrastructure required to support multi-gigabit customer connectivity.

Whether it’s two or more Leased Lines, or multiple FTTPs, or a combination of both with FTTCs as well, we now have 10Gbps capable EVXcores – network virtualisation routers in our core infrastructure – to deliver multi-gigabit solutions to customers throughout the UK.

When investing in Gigabit connectivity businesses need reliability and resilience.  Taking our MultiVNO approach, enterprise connectivity is augmented with two Ethernet Leased Lines from two diverse carriers, logically forming a single, intelligent, multi-gigabit connection.

Two 1Gbps circuits become one single, resilient, Software-Defined 2Gbps service.

Once again bringing datacentre-grade technology to the enterprise edge, in order to serve SMEs and large corporate clients, with what they really need – great connectivity.

Whether its for simple Direct Internet Access, or as part of a multi-site SD-WAN, flexible Multipath Ethernet connections can be used in any combination, delivering any amount of bandwidth and any VLAN configuration, Layer 2, Layer 3 and Hybrid.

Existing MPLS services can be integrated whilst still in contract, while aggregating further connections and applying Zero-Touch QoS to the entire SD-WAN.

Please get in touch with your account manager or through Sales to find out more.

And if you want to breach the 10Gbps barrier as well – we’ll build the network for you!

New SLA – Better than Any Leased Line

Every Ethernet connection we supply to every customer is resilient across multiple tail circuits, and routed via the UKs only multiVNO access network, delivering platform level resilience – something no other UK ISP can match.

There is a perception in the market place that leased lines somehow offer a better SLA or “guarantees” when it comes to uptime or fault fixing. This isn’t the case. Leased lines still have faults – they still go down. And when they do, they take a business down with it.

The question any business owner or IT Manager needs to ask themselves is, if I suffer an extended period of downtime, will a small rebate make up for the hassle and lost revenue?

The new Evolving Networks SLA is market beating in terms of uptime and fix time guarantees but it doesn’t change our core proposition – make everything as resilient as possible, use all your bandwidth (why pay for a back up circuit that you don’t use) and ensure that failover is seamless and requires no change of IP address.

Nic Elliott, CTO comments; “whether they are built on ADSL, FTTC, leased lines, 4G or a combination of different tail circuits there is not a more resilient ethernet connection available in the marketplace and we felt it was time for our SLA to reflect that.”

To find out more about our market beating SLA, contact your Account Manager today.

Bonding is so 2008

We’ve been providing multi-line connectivity now for a decade, under the guise of “Bonded Internet Connectivity”.
Whether it’s Bonded ADSL, Bonded FTTC, Bonded FTTP, Bonded Leased Lines or a combination of different technologies, we’ve stuck with the term bonding to describe the service. But now that’s going to change.

Connectivity has moved on a lot in the last 10 years, and the term “bonding” no longer does justice to the much wider feature set our solutions provide.
As the only team of UK Software Engineers and Network Developers focused on designing and deploying our own software for UK infrastructure, we’ve taken the decision to reflect developments we’ve made with a change of product name.

Bonding is the foundation of our product, allowing us to establish a network virtualisation fabric across any connectivity. But to reflect the changing communication landscape, as technology like FTTP and becomes more prevalent, all our business and enterprise products will now be known as Multipath Ethernet.

Whether deployed as part of a wider SD-WAN connecting multiple sites together, or for a single business premises, Multipath Ethernet is our Agile, Intelligent, Resilient connectivity solution – Ethernet grade, multi-line, software-defined, tailored to your business.

What is Multipath Ethernet?

  • Multi-line resilience – where MPLS has none
  • Aggregated bandwidth of all component links – not load balanced
  • Any combination of circuit technology – Broadband, Leased Line, 4G, FTTP,
  • Prioritised for YOUR cloud applications with Zero-Touch QoS
  • VoIP traffic protected, on every connection, not just leased lines
  • Delivered over our self-healing Multi-VNO SDN Platform
  • SLAs that beat leased lines
  • Constantly monitored by our AI and network engineers
  • Elimination of single points of failure

It doesn’t stop here

Our software developers are still hard at work adding new features, whether its Layer 2, virtualised appliances or automatic fault diagnostics.
We’ll keep adding and refining, and trying to make connectivity in the UK the best that it can be, while keeping your business online through thick and thin.

New Office New Starters

We’re settling into our new offices well. Its been a couple of months now and whilst we’re still getting used to the extra space we’ve been quick to start filling it up!
We’re pleased to welcome four new starters. Siobhan and Josh join our Administration team, with three new Software Developer Apprentices (Mikey, Brandon and Joao) also joining the DevOps team.

Our CEO, Nick Johnson; “we’re very pleased to welcome Siobhan, Josh, Mikey, Brandon & Joao to the team. By expanding both our Admin and Software Dev Operations we’re adding a lot of capacity, which will help accelerate development of our software and improve internal administration. We’re excited to keep expanding to meet the challenges of growth.”

“Adopting a DevOps culture in our technical teams also means that even for the smallest support issues, the team has access to the most senior software developers and network engineers, who have a permanent mentoring function within the team.”

Evolving Networks provide innovative software enhanced connectivity and SD-WAN solutions to businesses throughout the UK, delivered via their Network Virtualisation software and unique, multiVNO access network.

Our commitment to the apprenticeship scheme has seen us previous winners of the UK Apprenticeship Providers of the Year Award. Joao Vittoriano says; “its exciting to join a fast paced industry and to work at a company that has such a focus on apprenticeships, there’s a lot to learn but we can’t wait to get developing!”

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