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Automating the Wide Area Network - Why you Need an SD-WAN

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What Bonding Solution is Right for me?

When reviewing their communications strategy businesses are faced with a potentially bewildering array of options.  With today’s focus on reducing costs and maximising efficiency, companies are increasingly  looking at bonding ADSL as an option.

As a mature technology, bonded solutions now offer a genuine alternative to expensive leased lines.  With faster deployment cycles than leased line alternatives bonding ADSL is also useful for companies looking to relocate or open new premises quickly.

There are however, a number of options to consider when looking at bonding ADSL to provide a business class internet link.

By harnessing the high download capacity of ADSL, bonding multiple ADSL lines together can deliver solutions with massive download speeds.  When bonding ADSL however, be careful to ask the right questions of your supplier about bonding overheads and actual throughput.  Typically, bonding algorithms eat into the TCP/IP layer and substantially reduce actual throughput.

The future use of the link is also a critical consideration when looking into bonding ADSL for business.  If you are intending to send VoIP traffic over a link built on bonding ADSL you need to consider the volume of call traffic and ask searching questions about the capacity of the bonding infrastructure to cope with such mission critical data.

Evolving Networks has put many years experience into the development of the UK’s most advanced bonding solution.   Bonding ADSL through a sophisticated High Availability central bonding cluster located in redundant data centres enables Evolving Networks’ business customers to enjoy leased line performance for a fraction of the price of traditional leased lines.

By using the GRE protocol within the algorithm when bonding ADSL, throughput speeds are massively enhanced compared to many bonding ADSL providers.  With the ability to specify and prioritise traffic within the bonded data stream, Evolving Networks are able to support VoIP and other mission critical traffic over a bonded link.

With a host of technological advantages, one of the fastest data networks in the UK and state of the art data centre hosting facilities, Evolving Networks are pushing the technology of bonding ADSL to the next level.

Find out more about how your company can benefit from bonding ADSL, or call 0330 55 55 333 to speak to an expert.

Data Backup – Can your network cope?

With more and more data being held electronically increasing importance is being placed on offsite storage and data backup solutions.  As a leading provider of bonded broadband connectivity, Evolving Networks are very involved in the provision of data networks to support backup solutions.

The old system of daily backups being downloaded to tape and taken home by someone in the office has many shortcomings, what if the tape is lost?  Stolen?  What if the nominated person is ill or on holiday

Such systems rely on the diligence of the people involved and the truth is that no matter how dedicated you or your staff might be, there will be days (weeks?) when the system breaks down.  And the chances are that will be the day when your server fails.

You might be replicating data between servers and backing up on site, the danger here is either a catastrophic power failure or fire wiping out the whole site.

Why put yourself through the sleepless nights?  The fact is that to ensure that your business can continue to function should the worst happen you need regular, automated backups to an offsite resource.

This may be another office or a specialised facility, either way you need to be sure that your data is being backed up and that the backups are being updated regularly.

Of course the choice of backup system needs to be carefully considered.  If going down the route of a specialist provider you need to be sure that the automation system is compatible with your existing set up.  Ease of data restoration should the worst happen is also an important factor to be clear about.

If you are replicating data between sites then you need to put thought into business continuity and your site to site comms. 

The other factor to consider when looking at offsite data backup is, how do you get your data off site to the storage facility?

As a specialist provider of innovation communications solutions Evolving Networks are experienced in providing data networks that have the ability to move data between sites to assist with offsite backup solutions.  We like to explore ways of making a bonded broadband solution work harder for our clients.

Typically a bonded broadband solution would be used as the primary internet link in an organisation.  Offsite backups are usually scheduled to take place outside of normal business hours.  It important to look for a bonded DSL service rather than a load balanced solution with would simply route the single data stream over a single line.

Bonded ADSL offers an excellent technological solution by virtue of utilising all the available capacity across all the links within the bonded solution.  At Evolving Networks we work closely with our clients to ensure bonded ADSL solutions match their business requirements.  Your link may be used for offsite data transfer but it can add an important strategic edge to your communications strategy as well.

Find out more about how we can tailor a bonded broadband solution to suit your data backup needs, or call 0330 55 55 333 to speak to a bonded broadband expert.

Evolving Networks Deliver Bonded ADSL for Runtime Revolution

Evolving Networks, the leading UK provider of bonded ADSL solutions has recently completed the installation of a bonded ADSL internet connection for Runtime Revolution Ltd. The need to source new connectivity was driven the business relocation to new offices in Edinburgh.

As developers of the world renowned Revolution suite of user centric development tools, Runtime Revolution rely on their internet link to conduct and maintain their business, regularly needing to upload large files to partner companies and distributors across the globe.

The unique needs of their industry meant that when sourcing an internet link, Runtime Revolution had to be diligent in their choice of both technology and supplier.

The need to upload large files regularly, in addition to servicing the internet and email needs of their staff, meant that a high capacity leased line was a very expensive option. Having received quotes from a number of suppliers in the bonded ADSL sector, a shortlist was drawn up of two companies whose technology fitted the bill.

Runtime Revolution settled on Evolving Networks because of their commitment to excellent customer service, demonstrated through the sales process and subsequently the delivery of a workable solution, on time and on budget in their new offices.

Having installed, tested and handed over the bonded ADSL solution, Evolving Networks continue to work closely with Runtime Revolution to ensure that link performs to optimum levels.

Commenting on the agreement Nic Elliott, Technical Director, Evolving Networks said, ”putting bonded internet links into demanding environments is what we are all about, this deployment was typical in that high capacity internet download requirement were coupled with the need for occasional large FTP uploads. Where traditional bonded ADSL providers might have struggled we delivered a solution tailored precisely to the customer’s needs”.

Imperial War Museum Allies with Evolving Networks

Evolving Networks today announce a major supply agreement with the Imperial War Museum. The agreement will see Evolving Networks supply bonded broadband connectivity to the War Museum’s Nitrate Film Store outside Saffron Walden.

The Film Store houses the Museum’s historic archive of Nitrate film reels that form part of an important national collection. The facility is in a remote location, which made the sourcing of a connectivity solution problematic. The installation of a leased line connection proved to be cost prohibitive due to the distance from the exchange and the time and financial implications of digging up the access road to deliver a service.

With a number of sites in the UK connected to the JANET network via high speed Ethernet connectivity, it was important that the link at Saffron Walden not only delivered a connection that was stable and reliable, but also that was capable of integrating with the existing VPN. Evolving Networks’ expertise in delivering a bonded broadband link with public IP addresses was an important factor in the selection of the solution.

Bonded broadband was the option chosen as the most cost effective alternative to a leased line, with the added advantage of fast delivery timescales. By truly bonding four ADSL circuits a high speed data link with built in failover will be created.

The nature of the Evolving Networks bonded broadband solution, which delivers a single data stream via a high speed private UK wide network, presenting Ethernet to the LAN facilitates easy integration with the existing VPN.

The ability of the bonded broadband link to handle time critical data was another important consideration, with CCTV traffic being passed from the site back to a central location via VPN.

Evolving Networks are the leading provider of next generation bonded broadband solutions, with offices in Southampton and Leicester. A national high capacity data network allied to a class leading data centre housing a central bonding cluster and hosted VMware environment enables businesses to take advantage of high speed connectivity solutions for a fraction of the cost of expensive leased line alternatives.

Bonded ADSL as a Business Continuity Enabler

 As a leading provider of innovative networking solutions, Evolving Networks are at the forefront of the bonded ADSL market in the UK.

Whilst we exploit the very latest technology to deliver bonded ADSL solutions that give our clients internet connectivity they can rely on, we try to be much more than just an ISP.

We work with our business clients to identify both cost saving and revenue generating opportunities for their bonded ADSL solutions.

One of the key ways in which we are able to add value in this way is by assisting with business continuity solutions.  When an organisation has more than one site there are a number of IT challenges that are raised, how to share data between sites clearly chief among them.

Something that often slips under the radar however, is the issue of business continuity.  What if the worst were to happen?  In recent years this has been thrown into sharp focus, with the floods of 2007 leaving many businesses unable to function.  It is imperative that your business can continue to function even if one office were to be out of action.

Bonded ADSL solutions offer a degree of flexibility in this situation that leased lines are not able to match.  Quite apart from our expertise in the delivery of managed VPN solutions for multisite organisations, Evolving Networks are specialists in providing bonded ADSL solutions that are able to take up the challenge of delivering both a primary internet link and a business continuity solution.

Even for organisations with a heavy duty leased line infrastructure, there can be role for bonded ADSL solutions to play.  For example, consider the recent case of a large not-for-profit organisation who contacted Evolving Networks.

Although seven sites in London and the Midlands were connected with 100mbps Ethernet links linked through the JANET platform, there was no business continuity plan in place.  Evolving Networks undertook an audit of the existing network infrastructure and it was clear that there were pain points in the network.

Through the strategic positioning of bonded ADSL links at four key sites, Evolving Networks were able to alleviate the bottle necks, thus improving the end user experience by providing “over flow” internet connectivity.  However, as a managed service provider, spare config files are held that enable the links to be used as a failover business continuity solution in the event that there is a serious failure with the primary network.

Find out more about bonded ADSL as a business continuity solution or call 0330 55 55 333 to speak to an expert now.

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