Bonded ADSL & Ethernet Solution Delivered by Evolving Networks

Written by Wallis on October 26, 2011 and posted in Blog.

Evolving Networks are happy to announce a new bonded ADSL & Ethernet partnership with Robust Details Limited.

Robust Details are a UKAS accredited product certification body, specialising in approving new robust details as a method of satisfying building regulations.

When it came to a new internet connection for their offices, Robust Details had a demanding set of requirements.  In addition to needing the service guarantees that come with a leased line or Ethernet service, resilience and delivery times were also critical factors.

With a crucial project to roll out, Robust Details needed their new internet connection up and running within 15 days, putting traditional leased line solutions out of the running.  As a new local infrastructure was being built, it was also crucial that IP settings – once in place – were not changed.

This combination of factors, whilst not being an unusual set of requirements for businesses, left Robust Details with a problem.  Leased lines take 90 days to install, so how to proceed?

Working through one of their trusted partners, Evolving Networks were approached and delivered the answer.  By supplying a bonded ADSL & Ethernet service it would be possible to deliver a connection within 15 days, and to then supplement the link – without the need to change any local settings or IP Addresses – with a 10/100mbps Ethernet service.

As well as delivering a resilient internet connection of 11mbps upload & 15mbps download, Robust Details were provided with multiple IP ranges which meets the customers need for Integrated Lights Out (ILO) to each server on site, this is in case of a firewall failure.

Evolving Networks are very pleased to offer quick delivery connectivity solutions with easy to install equipment.  Commenting on the solution Jamie Cobb, of Evolving Networks said “Robust Details wanted fast, resilient connectivity and they wanted it deployed very quickly.  That’s what Evolving Networks do.  We delivered a service within 15 days so the customer could get working, we then added Ethernet to the mix, delivering a truly bonded service that is resilient across different technologies”.

With the know-how of hundreds of bonded ADSL installations behind them, Evolving Networks continue to be the innovators in the field of bonded connectivity.  If your business needs high quality, fast and reliable internet connectivity, find out how Evolving Networks can help, or call 0845 652 2212 to speak to the bonded connectivity experts.