Bonded ADSL Gaining Significant Market Acceptance

Written by admin on January 21, 2011 and posted in Blog.

Recently there has been a sharp increase in the number of companies offering bonded ADSL.  A quick internet search will reveal several organisations claiming to deliver faster, more resilient connectivity in this way.

As a pioneer of bonded ADSL technology, Evolving Networks welcomes the next phase of market acceptance, as bonded ADSL gathers momentum and traction in the marketplace.  The proliferation of companies offering “me too” solutions is a sign that established businesses like Evolving Networks are meeting a genuine need and delivering real benefits to the business community.

Already firmly established as a leading supplier of bonded ADSL, and the supplier of choice for bonded ADSL solutions to the defence industry, Evolving Networks specialise in the provision of industrial strength bonded ADSL solutions.  We have a track record of installing bonded connectivity in demanding environments, for leading global companies and public sector organisations in the UK.

Evolving Networks were the first company in the UK to deliver a bonded solution comprising both ADSL and SDSL technologies, bonded to form a single link.  This is a cutting edge solution that is delivering very robust internet connectivity to a number of our clients, and a technology that is still beyond the capabilities of most of the less experienced providers in the industry.

With numerous reference customers and, crucially, the ability to demonstrate live bonded ADSL environments through our real time eView Live Management Portal, Evolving Networks continues to push the envelope of bonding technologies.

The Evolving Networks management team were the true market innovators – installing the first bonded ADSL solutions in the UK, and subsequently formed Evolving Networks with a very clear aim, to deliver the best bonded ADSL solutions in the market.

We believe that our customer base speaks for itself.  It is our combination of private network, very resilient central bonding infrastructure and the transparency & proactive support offered through the eView Live Portal that has allowed us to build such a prestigious customer base.

As the industry continues to develop, customers will increasingly have a choice to make between mass market offerings from businesses switching focus to try and profit from an emerging technology, and a true market innovator with a track record of installing bonded ADSL in to the most demanding environments in the UK.

If you are in the market for resilient, fast and truly reliable connectivity then bonded ADSL could be the solution for you.  Do not make a purchasing decision until you have seen what makes Evolving Networks the supplier of choice for the most demanding customers in the UK.  Call 0845 652 2212 to  speak to the experts.