Bonded Broadband from Evolving Networks Bucks Industry Trend

Written by admin on July 30, 2009 and posted in Blog.

The latest report from OFCOM generated news headlines with claims that less than 9% of UK broadband customers are receiving more than 6mbps download on their broadband connections.

Whilst this would have come to no surprise to the majority of business users in the UK, it is a startling stat, and one that goes to show that for all the talk of “next generation” connectivity products, the vast majority of users in the UK are making do with low throughput rates.

The business community is no exception, with many businesses struggling with poor speeds on broadband connections, or expensive leased line solutions.

Evolving Networks are pleased to be able to say that their extensive and growing customer base, drawn from all sectors of the UK economy (SME, FTSE100 & Public Sector) are all enjoying substantially above average throughput from bonded broadband solutions.

As the UK’s most innovative provider of bonded broadband solutions, Evolving Networks deliver business grade bonded broadband solutions that UK businesses can rely on.  With a private network covering the length & breadth of the UK, Evolving Networks’ bonded broadband solutions can be deployed anywhere.  By routing through redundant multi gigabit Internet pipes, every business in the UK can benefit from high speed, high capacity internet connectivity with bonded broadband from Evolving Networks.

Gerry White, of Evolving Networks comments, “the state of the broadband market in the UK now is effectively a two tier arrangement, as the OFCOM report states lots of people are struggling with speeds.  But this needs to be counter balanced against some of the outrageous claims currently being made by bonded providers.  Our customers are seeing average throughputs in excess of 20mbps download, delivered with no limits, on carrier class infrastructure.

When we speak to prospective customers we give honest, conservative, projections of the sort of throughput speeds they will be able to achieve.  Not theoretical maximums, but real world projections based on their location.  Then we back this up with the most powerful monitoring platform in the industry.  Our customers are seeing way above average speeds, and what’s more, we can prove it”.

Find out how your business could benefit from a bonded broadband solution from Evolving Networks, or call 0845 652 2212 to speak to an expert.