Cloud Computing is on the move upwards!

Written by Wallis on December 6, 2011 and posted in Blog.

After a continuing period of doubt within the economy, small and medium sized businesses are reacting and redefining their role in a moving market.
Investments from small and medium sized businesses into cloud computing has increased over the last 12 months as companies in all sectors are looking for new routes to profitability. With 39% of small and medium sized firms expecting to be paying for at least one cloud service within the next three years, which is up against the figure of 29% as of today.
Cloud computing is an increasingly vital technology offering huge rewards growing firms and, importantly, their customers. The Cloud computing model allows for the sending software and applications to businesses and individuals via a network. This allows companies to outsource IT hardware, such as servers, data facilities and applications to a third party who will then pipe them back to the offices.

By investing in cloud computing, businesses can realise cost savings, agility, scalability and global reach. Employees can access not just documents but contacts, calendars and emails from PC’s, mobile devices and web browsers from anywhere in the world, thus allowing small business the chance to expand quickly and successfully.

As the horsepower of cloud computing offers is continuously improving, so the number of small businesses benefitting from cloud computing is growing larger as well.
As cloud computing moves past the hype stage and continues to gain market traction it will be interesting to witness the growing impact cloud computing will have on the market.