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Leased Lines

Your leased line should be Intelligent, Resilient, Agile.

The sector:
The challenge:
increased resilience and bandwidth, along with traffic prioritisation, to support business critical services.
The sector:
The challenge:
improved internet connectivity to meet staff and pupils’ downloading requirements.
The sector:
The challenge:
increased bandwidth and resilience at all sites. A managed WAN linking all sites. And more.


Other SD-WAN companies have an Orchestrator. They like to make a song and dance about it. They’ve worked hard to create shiny but complex graphical systems that you have to install centrally somewhere and rely on to control your entire SD-WAN.

Only a few of them are now realising that they should probably make them cloud based, rather than rely on static single points of customer controlled failure.

But none of them think big enough. None of them think about what you truly need in a Software-Defined world, and none of them started out in the UK.

We haven’t just written an orchestrator, we’ve developed an entire ecosystem of platforms and systems that all work together to solve vastly more problems.

No one else’s product includes telemetry collection nodes, a modem configurator, a diagnostics & optimisation system, an AI decision engine, an intelligent datacentre redistribution system, a DSL sync level maintainer, a DSL platform switching system or a Directed Action Queue System (DAQS).

So let’s talk about why we built them, and why you need them.

Monitoring and Telemetry Collection

When we first started 10 years ago, before all the SD-WAN companies were even thinking about trading, we pioneered connectivity solutions that would one day be described as Software-Defined. Resilient, aggregated, multi-line connectivity with a software overlay over a private network.

We quickly realised the power of such a connectivity configuration, and so continued to develop software solutions to improve the quality of business connectivity in the UK.

This was the start of our ecosystem, and it’s foundation is network monitoring.

Telemetry Collection in our Ecosystem

We didn’t want customers ringing up with faults, or to find out the status of their connection. We wanted to be proactive, and to be transparent. eView Live was born.

Monitoring is the foundation of our ecosystem

Now undergoing it’s 4th major redesign, eView Live is our customer facing portal and monitoring platform. Initially just reporting line status and uptime, it quickly grew showing live throughput graphs, DSL healthcheck data and historical usage patterns.

Now our monitoring platform is split into several key functions. If monitoring is the foundation of our ecosystem, then it’s life blood is telemetry.

Tech doctor monitoring our Ecosystem
  • Constant feeds of metadata and metrics from every node in our network flow to central repositories to be analysed and acted upon.
  • We don’t just mean monitoring our core network, we mean every CPE. And unlike other SD-WAN providers, who can only control their edge appliance, we are integrated into the broadband transport layer as well, with full orchestration, provisioning and diagnostic control of our DSL modems and NTE.
  • This constant stream of data delivers everything from health stats and appliance load to network connectivity metrics and live QoS data.
  • We then have diagnostics and analysis systems that crunch this data, and display it as necessary through customer portals like eView Live, and to our NOC for our network and support engineers.

Automation and Self-Healing

Another of our founding principles was identifying and fixing problems as early as possible, sometimes even before they happen.

Our aim was to make UK broadband what it always should have been. Reliable and stable. So, once we had a constant stream of telemetry, we designed the systems to act on that data.

Initially just basic event-driven alerting, sending messages to engineer consoles to then act on and remotely control and reconfigure or reboot a device, we’ve taken the next great leap of automation, creating a system that does all that for us.

This Directed Action Queue System, or DAQS, is programmed with a series of automated commands and workflows, remotely making changes to any node in our network, whether it’s a modem, a Network Virtualisation Appliance (what we call an EVX) or a core router.

AI title image


Now we constantly train our AI engine to recognise events and act on them, pulling together information from across our customer estate and interpreting accordingly.

So while other SD-WAN software is intelligent at the edge, making routing calculations and decisions on the fly based on the circuits that are plugged in, this power allows us to use the combined intelligence of all of our edge network nodes.

It allows us to quickly route around issues that one customer might not be even facing yet, but based on what is happening with another customer’s network.

Network-sourced diagnostics – the ultimate in IoT driven network continuity.

No Modem Hassle

We saw early on what happens if you just let people loose with a software overlay.

Rather than reaping the rewards of network abstraction, those users found that if they just put cheap, unmanaged UK connectivity, whether broadband or leased line underneath the network fabric, they suffered from poor, unreliable service. Exactly what they had hoped to avoid.

Our products are fully managed (sold “as a service”), meaning you don’t have the complexity of sourcing underlying circuits, or the strain of managing each set of edge appliances.

Our modem configurator creates and applies config to each modem we provide, straight from information received via API integration with our VNO network partners.

If we change the DSL platform or regrade and change broadband type during the life of that circuit, then the modem configurator will remotely change the config, without needing interaction.

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