Cost-effective alternative to fixed links and fibre connections.


Multi-line aggregated throughput, designed for cloud apps.


The fastest, most reliable internet connections on the market.

Leased Lines

Your leased line should be Intelligent, Resilient, Agile.

The sector:
The challenge:
increased resilience and bandwidth, along with traffic prioritisation, to support business critical services.
The sector:
The challenge:
improved internet connectivity to meet staff and pupils’ downloading requirements.
The sector:
The challenge:
increased bandwidth and resilience at all sites. A managed WAN linking all sites. And more.

No extra cost to you…

When businesses choose an Evolving Networks bonded connectivity solution, we will fix your price. So if your business has access to newer faster technologies, we’ll bond them when they are available at no extra cost to you.

Resilient, high capacity bonded solution

Resilient, high capacity bonded solution

Cloud based applications are reality. Customers expect to be able to connect with suppliers, to share large files quickly and collaborate on projects. Get a resilient, high capacity bonded solution for this purpose now.

The cutting edge of connectivity

An Evolving Networks bonded internet connection will ensure that you are at the cutting edge now, tomorrow and in three years time. By constantly evolving to incorporate the fastest possible technologies you stay at the cutting edge of internet connectivity–all with a fixed price.

The cutting edge of connectivity
Future proof

Future proof

We’re committed to future proofing all our bonded connections so your business’ connectivity is always able to perform at its best.

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We Bond Anything

With our cross-technology and cross-carrier resilient private network and advanced bonding platform, we can bond any technology available in your location. We’ll advise on the best bonded or SD-WAN solution for you on the basis of your business’ size and operational needs.

We Bond Anything

We are the UK’s leading provider of resilient, intelligent, cost effective connectivity. Our unique network architecture brings together a high quality private network, and sophisticated bonding and SD-WAN technology.

By marrying this core technology with intelligent data traffic prioritisation we deliver high capacity, highly resilient, VoIP-ready internet connections supporting true QoS.

  • True Quality of Service
  • Prioritisation of critical data
  • Fully VoIP-ready
  • Intelligent Network Management
  • QoS SIP Trunks to PSTN
  • Reduced Packet Loss
  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Improved application performance

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