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The fastest, most reliable internet connections on the market.

Leased Lines

Your leased line should be Intelligent, Resilient, Agile.

The sector:
The challenge:
increased resilience and bandwidth, along with traffic prioritisation, to support business critical services.
The sector:
The challenge:
improved internet connectivity to meet staff and pupils’ downloading requirements.
The sector:
The challenge:
increased bandwidth and resilience at all sites. A managed WAN linking all sites. And more.

Our Customers

Our solutions are highly scalable, our customers ranging from the largest manufacturing business and public sector organisations in the UK, through numerous FTSE 250 companies, to small businesses and sole traders.



With tight financial constraints charities present a unique challenge to management and supplier alike. Evolving Networks recognise the unique demands of delivering measurable return on all technology investments and our bonded solutions are delivering exactly this for UK based charities right now.

"Finally a speed that lets you do business" – I.T Manager: Whiteley Village

Whiteley Village took advantage of the Free Fibre Upgrade service from Evolving Network.


Whether it’s for large multinational defence contractors or smaller consultancy businesses, Evolving Networks is well versed in supplying bonded connections to meet the needs of the defence sector.

Our defence customers range from single sites to companies with thousands of users. Our connections can cover the full spectrum and deliver exactly what each company needs.


Tomorrow’s graduates need to be fully versed in the latest technologies and the internet is now essential for most educational establishments.

Our new hardware allows the provision of content filtering technology to ensure students browsing is secure and restricted in the right way. We work with schools across the UK to deliver high capacity, resilient internet connections with the necessary bandwidth requirements to meet the educational needs for multiple users.


We work with engineering companies across the UK to help them manage their data requirements through the delivery and management of industrial-strength Bonded ADSL, Bonded FTTC and SD-WAN solutions.

The successful management and delivery of large, often complex, projects depends on good communications. This applies at all levels, but the ability to quickly and reliably transmit large files (such as mapping, CAD documents and other graphically heavy formats) on demand is essential.

Evolving Networks help engineering firms stay connected through the delivery of high bandwidth, resilient Bonded and WAN solutions.

Engineering companies often need connectivity on site, through their project delivery phase. Evolving Networks deliver communications solutions on a short term basis, typically to semi-permanent site offices. We have a full range of bonded and single broadband solutions available to allow engineering companies working on site to share data throughout their entire network.

Graphic Design

Customer service is critical in every industry, we understand that Graphic Design companies need to be able to transfer large files with ease and maintain communication with clients at all times.

Many designers will need the ability to use both upload and download quickly and can really benefit from our bonded solutions.

Our private network combined with our suite of Bandwidth Amplification tools means the right packets get the right destination at the right time, utilising all the available bandwidth effectively.


Guests expect the best from their hotel. This applies to all aspects of the service and Evolving Networks are experienced providers of bonded connectivity to the hospitality industry.

Our connections help to improve the guest experience by ensuring hotel business operations are always prioritised and we work with partners to deliver excellent WiFi solutions which is now crucial to many hotel guests.

IT Resellers

Evolving Networks work with a number of carefully selected channel partners to deliver highly resilient Bonded ADSL, FTTC and SD-WAN to their end users.

Using the most advanced customer management portal available, eView Live, our partners have access to a real-time graphical representation of their customers’ use estate at all times, greatly simplifying their customer management activities.

Partners’ first-line support teams have dashboard visibility of all their customer sites, enabling them to view status of every line in their estate. This unique level of visibility allows our partners to offer pro-active customer support, and gives them a key differentiator in competitive scenarios.

With our private UK network, SD-WAN expertise, VoIP-ready connectivity (essential to today’s business operations) and exclusive QoS and Bandwidth Amplification services, our channel partners can can dramatically improve the performance of any customer’s connections or WAN. We are actively seeking resellers to join our channel partner community.

Print Industry

Print specialists are some of the most demanding users of WAN connectivity. Our industrial-strength bonded and SD-WAN solutions enable printers to secure and retain their competitive edge in customer interaction and service.

The print industry has advanced with the technological landscape. Today’s customers are more technically aware, driving changes in the way they communicate with print suppliers. The UK’s experts in bonded and SD-WAN solutions, we support the print industry’s growing on-site internet connectivity needs, allowing printers to interact with customers with ease.

Our industrial-strength solutions enable print businesses to flourish, handling even the largest jobs without delay.

Public Sector

We supply Bonded ADSL, SDSL and FTTC, and SD-WAN solutions to diverse public sector organisations in the UK. Our track record in helping the public sector extract maximum value from their connectivity budgets is extensive.

Focusing on adding value to both internal and external customers, public sector organisations face a unique challenge when it comes to sourcing communications solutions. As well as needing to supply top quality, reliable communications, they also need to secure the best financial value. Evolving Networks understand these challenges: our bonded and SD-WAN solutions meet both technical and financial benchmarks.

In addition to great prices, bonded and SD-WAN solutions from Evolving Networks come with the industry’s most advanced monitoring platform as standard, giving complete visibility of uptime and throughput at all times. Our solutions come with unique monitoring and measuring tools built in, allowing full cost justification to be conducted, during solution selection and on an ongoing basis.

Software Development

Our bonded and SD-WAN solutions help our software development customers handle large files, day-in, day-out, as they work with suppliers, customers and other partners, across the globe. For software developers, remaining online at all times is essential, whether to provide remote customer support, upload new code to a website or development server, or perform essential research.

When releasing software, developers must send and receive large files, and communicate with complex databases. Bonded and SD-WAN solutions from Evolving Networks allow our software development customers to stay connected at all times, ensuring they can get on with what they do best: creating and innovating.

Fully managed, our services require no expensive IT resource from the customer. From the customer’s point of view, their WAN connectivity just works. Our online Enterprise Monitoring platform gives peace of mind by providing a complete view of performance at all times: customers can check their connection status, track usage, and plan future upgrades, secure in the knowledge that they have complete control of their connections.

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