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SD-WAN, Bonded ADSL and Bonded FTTC

The UK’s leading provider of Bonded Connectivity to the enterprise, Evolving Networks provides Bonded ADSL, Bonded FTTC and SD-WAN over Bonded Connectivity.

Delivering superior resilience and bandwidth, prioritising critical traffic and compressing large data files on the fly we ensure the best user experience possible, regardless of the speed of ADSL or FTTC that might be available via traditional ISPs.

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The killer app for multi-site organisations, SD-WAN over Bonded Connectivity virtualises the WAN, freeing the user from dependency on inflexible, expensive MPLS and building in scalability for the future.

Perfect for:

  • Large, multi-site organisations
  • Customers needing rapidly deployed new WAN links
  • Heavy MPLS users
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Bonded ADSL

The practical alternative to leased lines, Bonded ADSL provides a scalable, high bandwidth, high resilience Internet connection even in locations where only slow ADSL circuits are available.

Perfect for:

  • Sites in areas with poor broadband provision
  • Organisations wanting a cost effective, flexible alternative to leased lines
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Bonded FTTC

Able to compete directly with the bandwidth offered by faster leased lines, at a significantly lower cost and with much greater flexibility, Bonded FTTC can deliver higher upload bandwidth even than FTTP.

Perfect for:

  • Sites with higher bandwidth and resilience requirements
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Case Studies



An SD-WAN running over Bonded ADSL, FTTC and Ethernet connections, was implemented across all Vindis Group sites.

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We provide Kimbolton School with an 8x Bonded FTTC connection, delivering high bandwidth capacity and enhanced resilience.

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Why Choose Us

Here are a number of reasons why we are a unique connectivity provider, and the best choice for Bonded ADSL, Bonded FTTC and enhanced internet connections.

Customer Review

Medical Detection Dogs

“We investigated bonding ADSL and settled on Evolving Networks after a fairly lengthy investigation and consultation with EN. EN arranged for ADSL line installation, their hardware was delivered plugged in and internet connection came up immediately. Since installation the connection has been completely stable. Overall, very satisfied and highly recommended.”

Alan Jeskins-Powell – Medical Detection Dogs

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Increase Broadband Speed Review

Mark Heath

“We have continued to be very impressed with the bonding solutions offered by Evolving Networks, which combine leading-edge hardware and a contention-free private network. Not only this, the company uniquely offers line optimisation to maximise the speeds of individual lines.”

Mark Heath – Increase Broadband Speed

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