Cost-effective alternative to fixed links and fibre connections.


Multi-line aggregated throughput, designed for cloud apps.


The fastest, most reliable internet connections on the market.

The sector:
The challenge:
increased resilience and bandwidth, along with traffic prioritisation, to support business critical services.
The sector:
The challenge:
improved internet connectivity to meet staff and pupils’ downloading requirements.
The sector:
The challenge:
increased bandwidth and resilience at all sites. A managed WAN linking all sites. And more.

About Evolving Networks

Evolving Networks is first and foremost a connectivity provider.

We are entirely focussed on delivering businesses in the UK with the best possible network and internet connectivity solutions.

That means delivering internet connections that are a business asset.

Agile. Resilient. Intelligent.

How we deliver those connections, is what makes us special.

Software is Everywhere.

TVs are now smart. Phones are smart. Try starting your car without its software.

We decided it was high time that software was directed at improving network connectivity. And considering how important connecting to the internet now is for businesses, it was long overdue.

So, we pioneered a software overlay technology;

a fabric that surrounds and binds circuits so that we might create resilient, high bandwidth, multi-line connections. A software overlay that encapsulates packets and circuits, routers and entire datacentres.

Internet connections that free our customers to be responsive to their marketplace, to their customers, and to their employees.

An ISP and Software House

Evolving Networks is no normal ISP. We’re a software house too.

We’re a team of network engineers and software developers that saw an opportunity to make connectivity in the UK

faster, stronger and superior.

We have developed an entire ecosystem of network and software platforms that work together to deliver the best connectivity possible, through the power of software.

Bringing the Datacentre to the Edge.

Plugging in a powerful, auto-configured Evolving Networks Access Node – a physical or virtual network appliance – connects your branch office directly to the core, connecting your users directly to their cloud applications.

Bringing all the important developments seen in the datacentre to a single edge appliance, Evolving Networks is the only network provider to aggregate bandwidth, deliver bi-directional QoS, compress data and optimise WAN traffic, all through our multi-carrier network access platform.

Unlimited, uncontended, uncapped, unthrottled.

The Only Access Network of its Kind.

No one had built a network fit for delivering this paradigm shift in the way connectivity is delivered and managed. So we built our own.

Embracing the tenets of over-engineering and resilience, software control and automation, our unique triple VNO access platform comprises of multiple DSL platforms, multiple datacentres and multiple transit providers.

With redundancy at every level, our access network allows us to deliver diverse, multi-homed connections with every type of broadband and fixed circuit available, and from multiple carriers.

We haven’t built our own datacentres. We don’t own our own DSL platforms.

We haven’t tried to out-spend or out-build ISPs and cloud hosting providers. What we’ve built is wholly different.
Something that spans multiple ISPs and multiple datacentre providers, multiple circuits and multiple core routers.

AI at its Core.

Supporting the delivery of our access technology is an ecosystem of services and platforms that control and optimise every aspect.

An orchestration engine for complete control.

A monitoring and analytics suite for visibility and situational awareness.

A diagnostics platform for automated analysis and optimisation.

With a powerful AI at its core, this interlocking group of platforms ensures every connection we deliver is

Automated, enhanced, self-healing

Don’t be constrained
by connectivity anymore.

VoIP calls that just work. Lag-free remote desktops and apps. Video conferencing that is seamless.

Evolving Networks internet connections allow our customers to harness the IT that their business needs.

Other providers are stuck in the same old ways.

We’ve changed the paradigm in the provision of network and internet connectivity.

Evolving Networks is a dedicated, hard-working team of people, with a vision to change the communications industry, dragging it kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

Our Key Innovations

2017 UKs first Bonded FTTP internet connections available.
2017 Intergration with BT, Vonage & Gamma for hosted VoIP, bespoke QoS templates. 
2016 Network Ecosystem Expanded - AI and Orchestration. 
2015 UKs first SD Access Network - fully diverse DC and DSL platform.
2014 Compression added - 480mbps measured over a single FTTC line.
2013 Manufacture of first EVX network appliance, with bidirectional QoS.
2012 First SD-WAN delivered.
2011 Access Technology Resilience - ADSL & FTTC and EFM & ADSL.
2010 Cross carrier resilience (Virgin / TT/ O2).
2009 Embraced NVF in the core.
2008 Uls first bonded ADSL & SDSL solutions delivered to BVT & HMS Belfast.
2008 Evolving Networks Launched.


Find out more about our fully managed Software-Defined WAN connectivity, delivered with our agile, resilient, intelligent network software ecosystem and how your business can benefit.

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