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Leased Lines

Your leased line should be Intelligent, Resilient, Agile.

The sector:
The challenge:
increased resilience and bandwidth, along with traffic prioritisation, to support business critical services.
The sector:
The challenge:
improved internet connectivity to meet staff and pupils’ downloading requirements.
The sector:
The challenge:
increased bandwidth and resilience at all sites. A managed WAN linking all sites. And more.

Evolving Networks Ethernet Leased Lines

Your internet connection is one of the most important assets your business owns.

So why take chances?

Your leased line should be Intelligent, Resilient, Agile. It should be scalable, adaptable and above all, it should just work.

Why depend on one leased line, one backup circuit or even, just one ISP?

Evolving Networks SDN based leased lines deliver massive bandwidth regardless of location. And every leased line we supply is resilient across multiple tail technologies, delivering aggregated throughput with instantaneous failover, full bi-directional QoS and resilient across multiple ISP networks.

These are the most resilient, intelligent and scalable leased lines you can buy.

Find out why we are trusted by the biggest organisations in the UK to deliver gigabit speeds without dependency on any single network.

It's time for your internet connectivity to come out of the shadows.

EVX and the Intelligent Network Fabric

Every leased line from Evolving Networks is delivered via an EVX device. One port, with a static IP range for your firewall. This device houses our unique Intelligent Network Fabric software, which aggregates the bandwidth of all connectivity delivered into the back of the EVX, be it ADSL, FTTC, 4G or leased lines.

This network virtualisation software encapsulates your data and routes it simultaneously over multiple links, be they 2mbps ADSL, gigabit leased lines or a combination of different access technologies.

True physical resilience of link technology, as well as the ability to aggregate across multiple, different access technologies, dramatically mitigates the risk of an outage based on local tail infrastructure.

But the software does so much more than that.

Encapsulating and aggregating your connectivity the INF software is also able to determine traffic type and apply true bi-directional QoS to every solution we supply.

Identifying critical traffic such as VoIP or RDP sessions, and prioritising through the network layer – and integrating with VoIP providers – to ensure crystal clear voice and lag free remote desk top sessions.

The INF is game changing software, connecting users with applications and ensuring data is intelligently managed across every Evolving Networks internet connection.

Multi-VNO Access Network

Evolving Networks has a unique ability to act both as ISP and above the level of the ISP. Its time to meet the UKs only multi-VNO access network.

Our EVX devices, delivering our INF network virtualisation software to each of our customers, present a single ethernet port to the LAN, and our software does the rest, seamlessly aggregating capacity and prioritising your critical data.

But our software is uniquely underpinned by the most scalable and resilient data network in the UK. Built on five independent carrier networks, with BGP failover between multiple datacentres, our network is unlike any other. Securely supporting our software overlay, the Access Network delivers uncontended, unlimited capacity from multiple carriers to every leased line we supply.

All delivered as a single, logical connection, with a single IP address, seamless failover and QoS. Why put all your eggs in one ISP basket? With Evolving Networks every leased line we supply is resilient at every stage, including platform, RADIUS, LNS, IP Transit and peering points.

Simply put there is no better or more resilient network in the world.

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