Cost-effective alternative to fixed links and fibre connections.


Multi-line aggregated throughput, designed for cloud apps.


The fastest, most reliable internet connections on the market.

Leased Lines

Your leased line should be Intelligent, Resilient, Agile.

The sector:
The challenge:
increased resilience and bandwidth, along with traffic prioritisation, to support business critical services.
The sector:
The challenge:
improved internet connectivity to meet staff and pupils’ downloading requirements.
The sector:
The challenge:
increased bandwidth and resilience at all sites. A managed WAN linking all sites. And more.


Time moves on,
things change.

If you aren’t getting stronger or getting better you get replaced. This is the evolution of networking. MPLS has had its day. SDWAN is now, and it’s the future.

Your users don’t care about your WAN. They care about accessing the systems they need, when they need them. Datacentre, head office, cloud… it doesn’t matter. Your network needs to serve the right apps, at the right time, to the right people with the right bandwidth and the right latency.

You don’t need a Wide Area Network. You need an ALL Area Network.

Redefine your network

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Connect your offices to the internet, to each other and to your cloud apps quickly, efficiently, reliably and cost effectively.

Plug into the Evolving Networks Access Network and harness the power of our Intelligent Network Fabric, our network virtualisation software that seamlessly aggregates diverse tail technologies to deliver Multipath Ethernet.

As much bandwidth as you need, where you need it, when you need it.

Self-healing, fully managed, uncompromising

Benefits of SD-WAN

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SD-WAN from Evolving Networks incorporates the following cutting-edge technologies:

Why be constrained by legacy MPLS when you can use the benefit from the latest technology and network infrastructure.

The only SD-WAN solution developed in the UK and built on and for UK infrastructure.

We built the software, we built the hardware, we built the network.

Our SD-WAN as a Service offering is underpinned by the only Software-Defined Access Network in the UK, supporting the unique functionality of our Intelligent Network Fabric, controlled & orchestrated by an ecosystem of monitoring, AI and automation systems.

  • Layer 2 & Layer 3 Options
  • All Connectivity Included
  • One Supplier, One Bill

Upgrade your network to an Evolving Networks SD-WAN to increase productivity, improve resilience and lower costs.

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It’s time to change your networking paradigm and break the shackles of your outdated, monolithic, legacy MPLS. It’s time for your network to evolve.

SD-WAN as a Service

Resilient, multiVNO connectivity underpinning our unique Intelligent Network Fabric software overlay to deliver a complete All Area Network encompassing:

Head Office
Branch Office
Home Workers
Site to Site connectivity
Local Internet Breakout

One solution, from one supplier. Developed for the UK, in the UK, by UK Network Engineers and Software Developers.

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