• Reduces or eliminates the need for expensive MPLS circuits.
  • Reduces the need for bandwidth over-provisioning.
  • Allows bandwidth to be added as required, not months or years in advance.
  • Improves connectivity between locations.
  • Is quick and easy to implement.
  • Enhances network flexibility.
  • Simplifies network management.
  • Improves application performance.
  • Generates immediate, ongoing and significant cost savings.
What Benefits Does SD-WAN Offer?
Piloted and tested easily

Piloted and tested easily

Because they are quick and straightforward to implement, SD-WAN solutions can be piloted and tested easily and swiftly, with minimal impact to the enterprise’s overall network infrastructure.

Enterprises want to unshackle themselves from expensive, unwieldy MPLS links, but hesitate to lose the control they offer. SD-WAN from Evolving Networks, enhanced by our WAN optimisation bundle (QoS, Bandwidth Amplification and Monitoring) offers the solution. MPLS is dead!

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